Greater access to Scientific Information

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The Fair Access to Science & Technology Research (FASTR) Act is a new bill which intends to make scientific research funded by the US government available and free to the public.  According to the bill, the “content” to be opened to the public will include “an electronic version of the author’s final manuscript of original research papers that have been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals and that result from research supported, in whole or in part, from funding by the Federal Government.”  Public materials will also include all the changes resulting from the peer-review process.  The final result will be “free online public access” to the scientific materials, made available within six months of completion.

FASTR, which will cost $100 million, also seeks to provide this publicly-funded research in a usable manner with everything data-based and searchable online.  Heather Joseph, Executive Director of SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), explains:

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