Disaster free world

World Issues: My Perspective

This is written in 2009 for one of my modules in university. I chanced upon this recently and figure it’s still quite relevant at this point of time with the recent spate of nuclear tests.

“I wish to declare that anyone who ventures to use nuclear weapons, irrespective of their nationality or whether their country is victorious or defeated, be sentenced to death without exception…Because we, the citizens of the world, have an inviolable right to live. Anyone who tries to jeopardize this right is a devil incarnate, a fiend, a monster.”

Josei Toda (1957)

In August 1945, the world witnessed the horrific denotation of the first two atomic bombs, “Little Boy and “Fat Man”, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 220,000 people perished, with some of their remains reduced to only shadow imprints on concrete floors. Survivors were either severely burnt or blinded, and unborn babies were deformed at birth. Regrettably, this…

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