Favorite Pink Floyd


‘Evening, all. My profound thanks to the inimitable HLWard for his able assistance with Up Late-I was temporarily incapacitated by an unfortunate accident involving a pressure washer, gasoline, a cattle prod, and a Cessna-sized fruit bat. Fortunately, no permanent damage was done, but re-paving the driveway is not going to be cheap. After the ATF left, I got to thinking about the animals in our lives, especially service animals, and what they are NOT good for:

For instance, there’s way too much unnecessary engineering in this artillery shell.

Napalm with a mind of its own is never a good idea.

Big difference between a smart bomb and a homing bomb.

Whose dog is that? Mine!

I don’t think they’re actually kamikazes if they’re not aware of their mission.

And finally,

(h/t to Samantha for the German kitty bomb) The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-

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