Things happens in unusual ways

Sometimes things happens in serendipitous ways, and I love when that happens.

Some of the most interesting things that happened to started like that. We met one of our board members for example, through an unusual connection. A lawyer that was visiting to see if we would hire him introduced us. “He’s my favorite person”, the lawyer said. It turned out to be true, he’s great.

It also happened when we were hiring our marketing director. She was a friend of my cousin, and just happened to be moving from New York to Sao Paulo, she was perfect for us.

Last week, our editor’s aunt, who works in show business liked us and introduced us to one possible partner who can help us get big in the US.

Those are just small examples of things that we didn’t plan in advance, but somehow turned out to be great for us.

There are some people who are like ‘angels’ to us, they just want to help. Sometimes it’s because they are also Brazilians, and want to see a Brazilian company make it in America, sometimes it’s because we belong to the same community or religion, sometimes they just loved our mission and our product. Whatever the reason, it’s great to have those people helping us and most of the time we help them back.

I like to explore every connection, you never know who you are going to meet and how they will be able to help you. So every time people want to introduce me to their friends I take some time to go there, explain what I do and try to figure out how we can work together. If it doesn’t work out, at least I made a new connection. You have to open to serendipity in order for it to occur. You have to meet new people or put yourself in unusual situations.

Your social network is one of the most important things you have. When you introduce two people who can work together or form a partnership, both of them are going to be grateful and they will want to pay you back. Everybody wins.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to work together with a new connection, our objectives are not well aligned and perhaps even conflict a little bit. On those occasions what I do is check how easy it is for me to implement the partnership, if it’s easy, even if I don’t get a lot out of it I’ll do it. One day I’ll need something from that person, and he or she will be happy to comply.

We all need help, the more the better, so do your part and help others, they will pay you double.


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