Galaxy S IV to get new 8 Core processor? – Well in Europe!


Its looks like Samsung are going to do the same thing they did with the release of the S III and have a different processor in the US version of the device than the one in Europe. Rumors have it that Europe will be getting the 8 Core version using the new Exynos 5 Octa that Samsung demoed at MWC this week. The US will be getting the Snapdragon 600 which we have already seen perform well in the HTC One.


The S III versions from the US and Europe where tested a number of times when it first came out last year and from what we could tell there wasn’t much in the different between the two so will it be the same for the S IV. We will have to wait and see. You do have to wonder though if the guys in the US are upset not to be getting the top of the range processor again?
Now that MWC is over for another year everyone’s focus is now totally on Samsung to reveal of the S IV which is due to take place on March 14th. We will have to wait until then to get full confirmation on the device.

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