If You Had To, Could You Survive Doomsday?


We all throw around the phrase “Doomsday” in a joking manner, but if push came to shove, could you survive such dire times?

On National Geographic, the network has published a fascinating infographic about what it would take to make it through.

For starters, one person would require 200 gallons of water (or 5,302 water bottles) to survive for one year. And then there’s the food situation. About 55% of Americans have less than a three-day supply of food in their homes. To survive for a year, each person would need 400 pounds of grains, 20 pounds of meat and 90 pounds of fruits and vegetables.

Certain occupations would go farther than others. For example, a doctor would be the most valuable professional in a post-apocalyptic world, followed by an engineer, soldier, farmer and a fisherman.

For a full look at what you would need to be ready, check out the infographic below. In the meantime, we suggest you stock up on coffee beans. That luxury, along with things such as gunpowder, could take you a long way.




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