Hilarious Pinterest Board Parodies Hipster Toddler Photos


Meet Quinoa. She is an immaculately dressed toddler with equally fabulous BFFs named Chevron and Fendi. She likes to twirl at dusk and take photos in front of vintage cars.

If Quinoa sounds unbelievably precocious, that’s because she’s 100% made up. Quinoa is the fictional creation of Tiffany Beveridge, who has turned outlandish Pinterest photos of real-life toddlers into a hilarious parody, “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter.

Maybe you’ve seen them before — young children who look infinitely cooler than you, invading your Pinterest or Tumblr feeds with outrageously styled hair and clothes. Beveridge saw them, too. So about a year ago, she started pinning those photos with captions depicting an imaginary toddler, Quinoa.


Quinoa tries to understand what it was like to grow up in the nineties by wearing Doc Martens, babydoll dresses, and expressions of apathy.Pinned byTiffany BeveridgeOntoMy Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

Though Beveridge has two sons, they dress nothing like the children who appear on her parody Pinterest board.

“The only thing that ever made me pine for another child was little girl clothes,” she toldMashable. “I started re-pinning cute things from people I followed on Pinterest, but when I started searching pictures on my own, that’s when I discovered the high fashion, over-the-top images. They were begging for some sarcasm, and it kind of just grew from there.”

When I asked Quinoa what was on the horizon, she stared at it and said, “Chambray.”Pinned byTiffany BeveridgeOntoMy Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

This is what Quinoa looks like when she’s visualizing world peace.Pinned byTiffany BeveridgeOntoMy Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

With all of the ridiculousness surrounding the character Quinoa, how did Beveridge pick out her name?

Beveridge chose the name Quinoa for her imaginary poster child because “it was around the same time that quinoa (the grain) was going viral on Pinterest,” she said. “I felt like there were at least 12 new quinoa recipes on my feed every time I logged in. It struck me as funny that a grain had become trendy. Like, so trendy somebody was probably going to name their kid Quinoa. And then I realized that person would be me.”

BONUS: 10 Creative Uses of Pinterest

10 Creative Uses of Pinterest

  • 1.%2520unicef%2520ami%2520musa

    At the peak of Pinterest’s popularity, UNICEF decided to turn the social network on its head and stray from the typical pinning of visually interesting content.

    The team began pinning through the eyes of Ami Musa, a fictional 13-year-old girl from Sierra Leone. The sole board is named “Really Want These,” and it showcases objects we generally take advantage of, including running water, soap and shoes.

    Screenshot courtesy of UNICEF

  • 2.%2520cj%2520chivers

    Chivers is a war journalist with The New York Times, and he pins original photographs that relate to his stories, including arms, arms trafficking, war tactics and human rights.

    Screenshot courtesy of C.J. Chivers

  • 3.%2520house%2520that%2520liz%2520built

    Liz Gray is the decorating and entertaining editor at HGTV, and while she pins tips and suggestions for design-inclined followers, she also pins inspirations for remodeling her own home.

    Screenshot courtesy of Liz Gray

  • 4.%2520girls%2520fan%2520art%2520copy

    Many shows inspire fan art, but HBO’s GIRLS, which has a huge following, actually showcases it with the “fanGIRLS” board.

    Screenshot courtesy of GIRLS

  • 5.%2520new%2520year's%2520resolutions

    Victor Ng is a designer at Pinterest and has several interesting boards, but one in particular stands out. Ng compiled his New Year’s resolutions for 2013, using Pinterest to keep track of them as well as providing motivation.

    Screenshot courtesy of Victor Ng

  • 6.%2520nars%2520sales%2520campaign

    In early March 2013, cosmetics brand NARS tested the Pinterest selling waters with three popular design pinners providing exclusive access to a new line of lip pencils. The brand used analytics tool Pinfluencer to choose which pinners should help with the campaign.

    Screenshot courtesy of Danaë Vokolos

  • 7.%2520buick%2520pinterest%2520to%2520dashboard

    Buick hosted a contest to turn a Pinterest board into a car’s design concept. The winner, Michael Wurm Jr., pinned sea foam color tones and beach scenes, inspiring the concept pictured.

    Image courtesy of GM

  • 8.%2520pinterest%2520behind%2520the%2520scenes

    Before you believe that following Pinterest on Pinterest is too meta, check out its behind-the-scenes board. It offers a glimpse into what it’s like to run one the most popular social networks out there. (Pro tip: There’s always time for some foosball.)

    Screenshot courtesy of Pinterest

  • 9.%2520helpin

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, marketing and advertising company Y&R set up Helpin in February 2013 as a way to help specific families in need.

    Screenshot courtesy of Y&R Midwest

  • 10.%2520petfinder

    You already look at cute animals on Pinterest — why not look at cute animals that need good homes? Petfinder highlight animals that just might need some extra love in your area.

    Screenshot courtesy of Petfinder

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Homepage image courtesy of Philippe Put


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