iOS 7 is Already Changing: The Differences You Need to Know


  • Ios-7-diff01

    Bigger Lock Screen Header

    iOS 7 beta 2 is on the left, iOS 7 beta 3 on the right. The header on the lock screen, which includes a clock and battery information, is slightly larger.

  • Ios-7-diff02

    Wallpaper Defaults

    The default wallpaper in iOS 7 beta 1 struck many the wrong way. Beginning with iOS 7 beta 2, the wallpaper is much less Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

  • Ios-7-diff03

    More Transparent Folders

    Between iOS 7 beta 1 and iOS 7 beta 3, the transparency for folders on the homescreen was increased.

  • Ios-7-diff04

    More Transparent Command Center

    The Command Center is more transparent as well.

  • Ios-7-diff05

    Thicker Fonts

    Apple has subtlety changed the font used in iOS 7 from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica New Regular.

  • Ios-7-diff06

    Weather App Changes

    The changes here are very nuanced but the most telling change is with the way users can now view multiple cities weather at a glance via the list view icon on the lower right.

  • Ios-7-diff07

    App Notification Changes

    It’s difficult to tell with this screenshot but the transparency for app notifications is now just a tad lighter.

  • Ios-7-diff08

    Messages Differences

    Helvetica Neue is updated system-wide.

  • Ios-7-diff10

    Flatter Settings Icons

    The application icons in Settings now have a more consistent and more flat look.

  • Ios-7-diff11

    App Store Refinements

    The “Top Charts” button is different and the wishlist view icon at the top right is different.

  • Ios-7-diff13

    Notes Updates

    The thicker font face makes the Notes app more readable.

  • Ios-7-diff12

    iTunes Radio Icons

    The icons on the bottom bar of iTunes Radio were redrawn and the Playlist icon was completely changed.



On Monday, Apple released the third beta for iOS 7 to developers, which packed a subtle yet important change to the company’s mobile operating system: An updated default font.

The first two iOS 7 beta releases featured a brand new default typeface, Helvetica Neue Light for all on-screen text. This is a change from the Helvetica Neue (regular) typeface used in all previous versions of iOS. At larger sizes and in screenshots, Helvetica Neue Light is a great choice. It looks clean and modern. But at small sizes, the font becomes difficult to read.



Famed typographer Erik Spiekermann described the decision as a “youthful folly” and explained why it’s not a good choice for Apple.

Clearly, Apple is listening. This isn’t the first time Apple has responded to criticism from the community — contrary to popular belief, Apple is very plugged in to the conversation revolving around its products and by its developers. The company just doesn’t always publicly engage or respond to those conversations.

The decision to return to Helvetica Neue regular for standard text is indicative of Apple’s evolving process while refining its releases (Helvetica Neue Light is still used at larger sizes and for headings). Beyond the font change, iOS 7 has several other updates, mostly in the form of new icons and subtle menu redesigns.

As I wrote last month, iOS 7 is a big change for developers and users, as well as for Apple. This much is clear from the changes to the OS within just one month.

Let us know your thoughts on the evolution of iOS 7 in the comments.

Mashable composite; images courtesy of Apple


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