The New Motorola Is Focusing On “Very Few” Devices, And A Low-Cost Phone May Be Next

All The best Moto X


Motorola has never been the most prolific smartphone maker, but there’s no question that they’ve churned out a lot of hardware over the years, but now that Motorola is flying under Google’s banner, you can expect to see some shifts in the company’s hardware strategy, and it looks like that scattershot approach to making phones is getting the ax.

According to Motorola Corporate VP of product management Lior Ron, the company is going to be trimming down the number of phones it releases so it can better focus on the ones that are really worth it.

“We’ve done a lot of devices before,” Ron told TechCrunch in an interview earlier today. “Now we’re going to do a few — very few. Everyone of those devices is going to really matter for consumers.”

Those are some pretty bold words from the man who headed up the Moto X project, but it…

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